Cyprus casino

Cyprus casinoCyprus Casino has a large selection of modern and unique games, and the 24/7 service is very friendly and helpful. Azure sea, hot Mediterranean sun, luxury hotels, and chic casinos. All these benefits are available not only in the fashionable resorts of Monte Carlo but also much closer – in Cyprus. At the same time, fans of online gambling in Cyprus and betting previously preferred to relax in the Turkish (northern) part of the island, since offline casinos were outlawed in the southern (Greek) part.

Entertainment Cyprus

However, some time ago, the Greek authorities passed several laws aimed at legalizing gambling entertainment Cyprus in southern Cyprus and allowing casinos to operate. Below we list the most popular Casinos in Cyprus of 2020.

Noah’s Ark Deluxe.

Located in the northern part of Cyprus, this casino is the most popular with tourists. The casino offers its visitors the most diverse of all existing gambling entertainment – poker, roulette, bingo, all kinds of slot machines, and much more. Even the most demanding gambling enthusiasts will be happy to visit this CyprusCasino – here everyone can find entertainment to their liking.

Online casino Cyprus

Kaya Artemis.

The next most popular casino is also located in the Northern part of Cyprus, in the Bafra District. The casino is located on the territory of the Resort & Casino, the ancient architecture of which will take you to the world of the unique beauty and sophistication of Cyprus. In the online casino Cyprus, you cannot get such an unforgettable experience!

Online slots in Cyprus

Cratos Premium.

This is a popular casino hotel among European tourists, located in the northern part of Cyprus. Here you can get the highest level service, a wide range of various gambling games and other interesting entertainments for a pleasant pastime. Or you can play online slots Cyprus without leaving your room, relaxing in a comfortable bed!

Cyprus casino

Viola Hill.

This Cyprus casino is located on the territory of the Savoy Ottoman Hotel, which is located in the city of Kyrenia. This institution attracts not only tourists but also local residents due to its unique high-tech design and high level of service. Within its walls, customers can play 160 different excellent slot machines and about 20 different games that are played at the tables.

Hotel casino Cyprus

Merit Lefkosa.

This is one of the best hotel casino Cyprus with a wide range of games. He rightfully deserves five stars. The hotel has been operating since 2008. But we will, of course, talk in more detail about the hotel’s casino. Merit Lefkosa is, first of all, a place for lovers of slot machines. There are more than four hundred of them. All casino slots from the Merit Lefkosa network are interconnected, so players have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Other gambling games include American Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, betting sites Cyprus and more.

Cyprus C2 Casino

The only casino in this rating, located in South Cyprus. C2 casino  is located in a building formerly owned by the Orphanidis supermarket in the western suburb of Limassol.

Casino Paphos

The area of the first CyprusCasino in the south is 4,600 m2, of which 1,300 m2 is a gambling area with 33 tables and 242 slot machines. There is also a closed gambling area, a restaurant, and two bars. The casino is open 24/7 and is open to people over 21.

This casino is temporary – after the launch of the gambling resort in 2021, CyprusCasinos C2 will be closed, and all its activities will be integrated into the main project. In addition, casino Paphos in Nicosia, Larnaca, and Famagusta will open this year.